Sunday, April 24, 2011

Art & Style: Dressed up for Easter


Aren't you tired of the same old chocolate eggs every Easter? Vogue asked a number of créateurs to design their own version of an Easter egg, following a century old tradition started by the House of Fabergé.

 Using a sturdy glass base, the designer’s ethereal veiled lady began to take shape with some flower-cut lace trimmings and the help of a strong red pout.

 Creative director for Chanel Makeup Peter Philips used a trio of eggs as canvas for a beautifully made-up set of peepers and lips.

 Designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville crafted a biker-clad chicklet that looks runway-ready. 

The accessories designer’s bejeweled offering was inspired by Fabergé eggs. His lovingly hand-carved and gilded cone is crowned with quartz bijoux making for an alluring, other-worldly incarnation. Available by special order:

The milliner covered an ostrich egg in triangular-cut African shweshwe fabric and used grosgrain ribbon as seams for an eclectic patchwork look.
"The secret is out, I am button-obsessed and especially love mother of pearl buttons. I love how this very natural material can be so glamorous." Derian suggests The Garage as a great place to find antique buttons. 

Florist Meredith Waga-Perez arranged sequences of sumptuous greens and delicate lilac blooms for a lively egg-shaped garden.
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