Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Living in Style: A loft in Paris

This vintage style parisian industrial loft belongs to Isabelle Puech and Benoît Jamin, founders of the bag company Their loft of 350sq.m. is the perfect example of a house with unique style and strong character.

The atelier of the couple where they create their collections. Always a moodboard for inspiration.

The majority of their furniture and their objects have been bought from secondhand shops and local markets from all over the world, which makes the place even more interesting.

Here, Isabelle and Benoît expressed their creativity by imagining shelves on two levels which one reaches by a spiral staircase Napoleon III and by the Ingo Maurer's lamp, from the series “Mozziko”.

This large dining room is the heart of the loft. Decorated by furniture and pieces with mixed style.

This long corridor leads to the rooms... the photo of Massimo Vitali dominates this space.

Images from Marie Claire Maison

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