Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Living in Style: Nursery Decoration

I am so excited about the idea of decorating the nursery room of my first baby... At the beginning I wanted everything in cream and beige as the pictures below, but after doing my research I realized that babies need a colourful place. I have a selection of different styles of baby rooms to inspire you.

French style in neutral colours

Romantic style

Modern style

Vintage style

Photos from Elmueble.com, Tartine et Chocolat, Cape27blog.com, Children's spaces from zero to ten book

These amazing books from Amazon will give you many more ideas on the decoration of your nursery room and will definitely help you make the final decision!


  1. i love all of these. it has really inspired my art works for school

  2. Where do you geat all of the accessories? They look great. I am looking for more to complement a bold positive color scheme (see the alphabet frieze we are using for our colour pallet: http://www.chubbypineapple.co.uk/alphabetfrieze.html )

  3. Do you know where the decal of the map and airplanes is from? I love it!