Thursday, January 20, 2011

Living in Style : Vintage touch

Today I'm inspired by this vintage styled home. I love the combination of bright colours, textures and pattern on the white background. This house has a strong character and all the personal touches make it really unique!

The entry of the house is characterised by the vintage tile floor.

The living area is a mix and match of an asian influenced collection with modern pieces.

 This is my favourite part of the house! The office! Wooden workbench mixed with the simplicity of the transparent chairs and vintage pieces such as the amazing ceiling lamps. The white walls are warmed up by the collection of the art posters.

What a great idea to paint a furniture of your house at this bright turquoise blue! I wish I had this cabinet at my house!


This house makes me think: Never throw away old things... it's always worth trying to transform them and turn them into something new!

Photos by Sara Svenningrud via Residence Magazine

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  1. was just wondering if any of these rooms are actually lived in? my partner and i are tidy but it looks like these could easily seem messy or cluttered