Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Get away in style: Trancoso, Brazil

I found this marvelous eco-conscious summer getaway in Trancoso, Brazil and started dreaming of a week in the sun during the cold winter days...

Lured by its idyllic seclusion and natural beauty, travelers for centuries have called the small Bahian fishing village of Trancoso “paradise on earth”. The historic town green overlooking the sea, known as the Quadrado, is the tranquil center of town life where natives gather and horses graze during the day, while during the evening candles alight and the atmosphere turns festive and romantic. 

In this magical scenery, UXUA appears as a fine hospitality house. This place designed by Wilbert Das, who has served as creative director of the Italian fashion label Diesel since 1993. Portuguese adventurers, Indian settlers, and even Brazilian hippies have influenced in some way the architecture, art and antiques giving a unique expression to each casa.


All photos from Uxua


  1. This should be our next destination..!!

  2. This place is so beautiful! Great find!

  3. Thank you Thetis for finding all these amazing places for us!