Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Impossible Project: The Polaroid Instant Camera Is Back!

In the era of digital photography it seemed quite unlikely that a film camera from the 60s could make such a huge come back in 2010! 

Thanks to "The Impossible Project", the polaroid instant camera has been revived, after the company that made them (...Polaroid) decided to stop producing instant film for all of its film cameras. The Impossible Project have managed the... impossible! They re-invented and started producing instant film for the 300.000.000 perfectly functioning instant polaroid cameras all over the world.

And it's been catching on... the polaroid is back! So, go raid your parents' attic or storage boxes for that old SX-70, the 600 or the newer Image/Spectra camera ('ll have to beat your brother/sister to it before they find out about this...) and rediscover the joy of instant photography!

You can buy expired Paul Giambarda polaroid film packs and the new "impossible" instant film packs (both colour and b&w) from The Impossible Project shop.



  1. Love these! I have an old Polaroid somewhere I'm sure. There's also that new iPhone app that makes your photos have this look. I think my favorites are the Kertesz polaroids that he took at the end of his career in NYC - so hauntingly poignant.

  2. excellent idea, got my first two polaroid pics taken last weekend !!