Thursday, November 11, 2010

Living in Style: Celebrity Closets

I've seen dozens of celebrity closets in the press, as it is one of my favourite rooms to view!

I've realised that it's not about how much space we have in our closet, but what we do with that space. The key for sucess is organisation! It is important at the start of every season to spend a few hours to go through all of your clothing and accessories and keep only what you really wear. 

So here are some ideas to inspire you...
The closet list would mean nothing if I didn’t start out with my beloved Carrie Bradshaw,
from Sex and the City

"Don't give me a diamond - just give me a really big closet", one of my favourite Carrie Bradshaw quotes and yes indeed this is a big fabulous closet!

I just love the design of Nicky Hilton's closet. From the dark hardwood floors to the clear glass closet doors and the vase with the fresh flowers. This place is so chic.

Tamara Mellon is the president and co-founder of Jimmy Choo, and needless to say her closet is amazing. 

I am wondering how many pair of shoes does Christina Aguilera have?

The dressing room of fashion designer Nanette Lepore’s has a vintage appeal with glamourous accents, including a mirrored chest and cabinets, a glass chandelier, and a velvet-upholstered ottoman.

Really big and glamourous! With these words we could describe Mariah Carey's closet!

She has more than 1,000 pair of shoes.

 Eva Longoria's closet is made of old-fashioned wood and seems sophisticated, but is not really my cup of tea.

A stylish dressing room with a real character, J. Crew's Creative Diretor, Jenna Lyons.

Shoe designer Brian Atwood’s minimalist dressing room keeps clothing out of sight. 
I love the leather bench!

Photos from Elle Decor, Instyle