Friday, October 29, 2010

Living in Style : Coco Rocha's apartment in New York

The model Coco Rocha and her husband, the artist James Conran, open the doors of their apartment in Gramercy Park, Manhattan to Lauren Santo Domingo for

The apartment was decorated by interior decorators but she didn't mention their name.

Walking through the two-bedroom apartment, you find each room filled with books, bottles, pictures, and souvenirs. "Every spot in this house has a story", she says.

Rocha says "I found this dress form on the street. I guess it was a child's dress form because it's so small. Anyway, there were a couple of pennies glued onto it and I thought it looked great, so I kept gluing pennies to it until I had covered the model. Then I decided to add some feathers to the piece and . . . voilà!

These are Andy Warhol's actual candleholders. She got them at one of his estate sales and gifted them to James.

This is my favourite part of the house! These teapots are from the different places she has been to for photo shoots and also as you can see all the books are covered by old newspaper, this was James's idea. I also love the colour of the library!
Yes it looks like a YSL bag but have a closer look...

Rocha says: "My closet is full of vintage pieces, and everything is very random. I have Tudor-era clothes mixed in with pieces from the 1920s and 1940s".

One of her favourite things in the closet is her makeup counter!

Photographed by Claiborne Swanson Frank

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