Monday, September 6, 2010

Living in Style: Bookcases

A bookcase is one piece of furniture that's common in every house. Styles have come and gone, every since paper was invented! But, still, the need for a bookcase remains.

Choosing a type and style can be very difficult, so here are some ideas to inspire you:

"Classic old-style" with decorative and mostly unread series of books (encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.).

"Floor to ceiling" double height awe-inspiring bookcases filled just with books, ideal for large spaces.

"Everyday type" of bookcase, with the emphasis being on it holding books rather than decorating your living room.

"Low-rise" floor, free-standing bookcases filled with colourful books and decorative items at the top.

"En-walled" bookcases which make use of clever spaces inside walls, staircases, etc.

"Contemporary" ones acting both as a bookcase and a decorative item on their own.

"Designer" bookcases, the primary use of them being decorative, while not very practical for actually holding books.

"Ultra modern", not for every house obviously, and not for too many books either.

"Smart bookcase", a new type of bookcase designed by Fotis Evans which transforms from a bookcase to a book-holding table and back!


  1. Loving these, particularly the "en-walled" ones. But do you think with Ipads, kindles and other digital media devices that there will still be a practical need for bookcases? The same goes for CD, record, DVD shelves etc.

  2. i LOVE the "floor to ceiling" bookcases!

  3. For those of us who were born before the year 2000, there will always be a need to store/display our childhood photo albums, our university books, our favourite novels, and loads of decorative items or travel souvenirs! Granted, in 20 years there won't be as many books around, so in 2030 I may write another post on "smart uses for empty bookcases" ! But then again don't forget... retro will always be in style!

  4. I can't give up holding a real book that smells like a real book and keeping it for years so it wears with age. But I'm kind of an old soul anyway......and retro is my style as love love them :)