Friday, August 6, 2010

Packing tips for the summer holidays

Ready for holidays? It’s time to pack!

Destination: Greek islands
Packing your bags for summer vacations can be difficult, but it’s a lot easier if you’re organized! 

 The dress code for the Greek islands is fresh and simple!

My tips:

Pick a central colour theme and stick to it! This way everything you have will mix and match.

Don’t take too many things .You will probably be spending most of your time on the beach, so all you need is your bikini, sandals, sunglasses and hat (don’t put it in the suitcase).

Always take canvas bags, they are lighter and don’t take a lost of space in the suitcase.

Don’t fold your clothes; instead, roll them up. The result is more space and no wrinkles!

Take a scarf or a long-sleeve sweater; be prepared for the night sea breeze.


1. Use sun cream to protect your skin and get a nice tan.
2-3. Bikinis, take at least two or three of them. It is the only essential item for the summer holidays! I’ve always preferred them in monochrome to suit them perfectly with the beachwear.
4. Ray Ban Wayfarer, for this summer in blue.
5. Beach towel in nautical style.
6. A kaftan is the must have item in your suitcase. It suits all shapes and sizes and you always look fabulous.
7. Jean shorts. You can’t go wrong with shorts in your bag. They can easily go from the beach to the bars.
8. For the summer sea breeze… and a trendy look!
9. I never forget my iPhone! I have to upload my posts!
10. A panama hat! The sun is dangerous!
11. No other way to describe the beauty of the places you’ve been to.
12. My favourite bag for this summer by Halston Heritage. This multicolour bag goes well with all my clothes!
13. Summer without stripes is not possible for me! Again... long sleeves for the windy nights on the islands.
14. A white dress! My favourite colour for the summer.
15-17. Always FLAT sandals. White for the mornings (they go with everything), metallic for the evenings. I wouldn’t want to try walking on high heals in the Greek sokakia (narrow pebble streets).
16. Juliet Naked by Nick Hornby .A book ideal to kill time on the boat, airplane or on the beach.
18. A small clutch for the evenings outfits. I prefer the straw one, they are more summery.
19. My only accessory, a gold bangle! Keep it simple but elegant!
20. The maxi dress has been on trend for the last few summers. I chose it in coral because it suits me best when I am tanned.

Don’t forget the summer is all about feeling relaxed and casual!

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