Friday, August 27, 2010

Louis Vuitton is going on Safari

I have always dreamt of going on a safari, the latest Louis Vuitton campaign made me travel with them. I feel like I am in my tent surrounded by lions and giraffes. I totally love this new catalogue, shot by Carter Smith, directed by William Snieg, styled by Antje Winter, and produced by Brachfeld. The lucky young model is Dree Hemingway (Ernest’s great-granddaughter). Have a great weekend!

Pictures from Luxuo and ilvoelv


  1. very inspired campaign! nice choice!

  2. Great campaign and nice post Thetis. LV canvas collection is a great look for safari packing. I ll go for Goyard though for the city look ;)

  3. Thank you Johnaras. I totally agree with you!I'll go for Goyard as well :) Great idea for a following post.

  4. Hi, apologies for being overly critical but as a designer myself can't help.

    Image 1 - seems totally unrealistic. Im from London but have lived in Southa Africa for some years and anyone going on safari would not take so much luggage even if it were by L.V.

    Image 6 - Can anyone imagine skinny jeans in 40degree heat?

    Image 13 - Is she picking a spot? How is this a mood board?

    Putting all of this aside Thetis, the rest of them are lovely. I would suggest though anyone having a picnic in the middle of the Kruger or Serengeti safari national park, taking a gun. Im not sure a checkers board would protect you against elephant, rhinos or lions.

  5. They still have the breakdown lane and the right travel lane blocked because they're trying to figure out how to get the tractor-trailer out of there,

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