Thursday, August 5, 2010

I LOVE: Hermes scarf

The Hermes scarf belongs to the wish list of almost every woman. A lot of people misjudge the Hermès scarf as an accessory for the “over 40s” women, but I totally disagree! There are so many different ways that you could wear a scarf, always looking very stylish, making it a fabulous accessory for all women, irrespective of their age!

 Diana Vreeland styles the model Bijou, 1942

The Hermes scarf made its debut in 1937 in Lyon, France. Since then, the fashion house has created over 2,000 silk scarves in an assortment of patterns and an exhaustive palette of colours.
The scarf has also draped many a starlet’s neck. Audrey Hepburn, Maria Callas, Jackie Kennedy, and Grace Kelly have all sported the silk scarf. It has always been a powerful symbol of feminine allure.


Hermes has launched a card box with all the different ways that you can wear the scarves.

I will show you my 10 favourite ways: 

1. This is the perfect way to wear a scarf during your summer holidays. It gives a bohemian touch to your look!

2. Something fresher and younger

3. This headband has an interesting twist at the top. Use a small ring or a small rubber band.

4. This reminds me of the classic Jackie O look.


 5. Scarf as a mini skirt

6. As a top! You can use two different scarves but keep them in the same colour palette.


7. Or as a dress.

8. Wear a monochrome top and add a colour splash with a belt!


9. I love the idea of the second leather belt!

10. And finally around the neck

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