Monday, July 19, 2010

Living in Style: Sex and the city 2 interiors

As a real fan of “sex and the city”, I wanted to share with you some pictures from their houses, taken of course from the last film.

Let’s start with Carrie and Big's apartment…

 I'm quite intrigued by the arrangement of the books at the coffee table.

In the dining room, an oxidized-metal chandelier by Property hangs above a French 1940s mahogany table from  Alan Moss

As we know Carrie never cooks, so we can barely see the kitchen in the whole film.
 Love the aqua-blue tiles!

Now, this… I don’t like! I was a bit disappointed by the dark and moody colours.
I always prefer lighter, happier colours in the bedroom.

And now my favourite room of the whole house! (probably every woman’s favourite room) I love how the right side is romantic and feminine for Carrie, while Big’s side is structured and masculine.

Let’s move to her old apartment… (still love this room)

I like the setting of the frames on the wall.

Where else could we find Charlotte? In her classic expensive kitchen making cupcakes as a good mum and wearing matching aprons with her daughter.

The most modern setting in the film is Samantha’s office with a view on Time’s Square. A white Vitra desk with bright office accessories.
Miranda’s beautiful Brooklyn brownstone house is the most relaxed and close to reality.

Pictures from Craig Blankenhorn


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