Thursday, July 15, 2010

Living in Style : Matteo Thun's house in Capri

When Matteo Thun discovered Capri, he made this magical place for spending his holidays with his family. Overlooking the Marina Piccola and surrounded by a lemon tree garden, this isolated house, which can be reached only on foot, looks like it’s been taken from a Capri postcard…

Matteo and his wife Susanne

The painted ceramics are traditional elements of Capri’s culture. Selected walls, both indoors and outdoors, are covered with blended classical motifs of painted ceramics designed by Gio Ponti. The Murano chandelier also gives another Italian touch.

The living room is a simple, clean, neutral place with small touches of bright colours and eclectic objects.

 Photos by Giorgio Possenti
Mosaics (mostly green) are also another prominent feature e.g. swimming pool, garden tables, etc.
Check this site to learn more about Matteo Thun’s works: 

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  1. will definitely pay a visit next time i'm around ;) excellent choice!